October 15, 2020

Gone Before

Gone Before

by Sam Hepburn

Published October 12, 2020 by Bookouture

Rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre: Thriller

The disappearance of five-year-old Maya Duncan remains one of the most famous missing person cases in British history. She vanished without a trace. Until now…

Fifteen years after the abduction, Phoebe knocks on Kay Duncan’s door, clutching a yellow rainhat with Maya’s name stitched into the back. Phoebe is convinced that she is Maya Duncan, and that the woman behind the door is her real mother.

When Phoebe sees Kay, the memories come flooding back, and it seems that mother and daughter are to be reunited at last. But when a shocking discovery shatters the fragile relationship they have begun to build, Kay commits suicide, leaving Phoebe riddled with guilt.

Alone and unanchored, Phoebe travels to London to dig into Kay’s life, hoping to uncover the truth behind her own identity. But as she pieces together Kay’s past, Phoebe discovers a disturbing link to the woman who raised her, and a terrible secret that even now could put her life in danger.

My thoughts:

Moly!!! Sam Hepburn can WRITE! Gone Before kept me so gripped from the first page right through to the last. There were some twisty shockers but I did work out quite a bit of it from early on. Even so, I still loved every minute of it! I loved the character development. I loved not knowing who to trust. My only frustration was that I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!
Definite 5 stars from me!

Huge thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me the privilege of reading this book in advance!

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