February 7, 2021

Roots of Wood and Stone

Roots of Wood and Stone

by Amanda Wen

January 26, 2021 by Kregel Publications

Rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction

About Roots of Wood and Stone

Abandoned at birth, her family roots a mystery, historical museum curator Sloane Kelley has dedicated her life to making sure others know theirs. When a donor drops off a dusty old satchel, she doesn’t expect much from the common artifact . . .until she finds real treasure inside: a nineteenth-century diary. Now she’s on the hunt to find out more.

My Thoughts about Roots of Wood and Stone

A story of family lost and found. A great Christian fiction book with just the right balance of romance and mystery. I loved this book! I started it in the morning and finished it the same afternoon. It was an easy, entertaining read. The dialogue flowed and the story (both past and present) was intriguing. My only quibble was since the diaries were so easy to find, I found it a bit far fetched that no one had found and read them and they didn’t know who Annabelle was. 

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