January 25, 2021

Paradise Peak

Janet Dailey

Publication Date 

January 26, 2021

Genre: Romance

Part of the New Americana Series (book 5)

I  first discovered Janet Dailey when I was in high school, and I became a big fan of her Calder series. I haven’t read anything by her for a long time, so I was curious about this when I saw it, and grabbed it. I was not at all disappointed.

I read this book through in one sitting. It focused on Travis, a man coming out of prison after 20 years. He feels very guilty and wants to do what he can to make amends to Margaret, whose daughter he killed in a drunk driving accident 20 years ago. His time in prison was spent coming to terms with his alcoholism, and recovering. He has written many letters, unmailed to Margaret and by doing so, he helped himself.

Once he gets out of prison, he looks for a place to go. He meets Red who takes him in, and through Red, he finds Margaret, and he falls in love with Red’s daughter, Hannah. At first though, he doesn’t tell them who he really is. They all get to know each other through the course of the novel. 

This was a fast moving, warm hearted, strong novel. I like a romance novel told from the male point of view, and that is not something that I see often, although it is becoming more common. It’s not only Travis’s story. It is Hannah’s as well, and she also has some past issues to face. 

And Janet Dailey does what she does well, which is tell stories about people and what they mean to each other. She also tells a great story about what home means to all of us, and what the land means. The novel is set in Tennessee in a hot summer. There is a real community feel to the book as Red, Travis and Hannah work together to save the town from a wildfire.

This is a beautiful story about forgiveness and love, and the cost of each. There is no changing what happened, now and in the past. It’s a sad novel, but it does work and I enjoyed it, because I cared about each story. 

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get immersed in someone else’s life and emotions for a little while. 

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