July 10, 2021

The Road Trip

The Road Trip

by Beth O’Leary

Published April 29, 2021
by Quercus / Berkley

Rating: 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

This book is getting a lot of mixed reviews but I ended up really enjoying it! Admittedly, I preferred the “Then” story versus the “Now” and I also liked the second half much more than the first. If you like heavily character-driven novels with messy relationships and flawed individuals, I definitely recommend this one!

THEN: Addie and her sister Deb are caretakers at a friend’s mansion in France for the summer. When Dylan’s family decides to abort their annual summer plans, he goes alone. Instantly, he and Addie have an undeniable physical attraction that quickly turns into much more. But their relationship is plagued by poor communication, toxic friendships, and mistrust which eventually leads to a messy and devastating breakup.

NOW: On their way to their friend’s wedding, Addie and Deb get in a car accident with none other than Dylan and his toxic friend, Marcus. Forced to give them a lift, Addie and Dylan must decide if they can put the past behind them in order to get through the road trip without incident. But relationship drama or not, the road trip is anything but smooth sailing.

The relationship between Addie and Dylan was confusing and slow building as far as the storyline went, but also shockingly fast in that they met, had insane physical chemistry, and almost instantaneously fell in love. I didn’t always understand their connection and admittedly didn’t feel a whole lot for Dylan’s character (or really any of the male characters in the book – they all kind of sucked!) but I did really like Addie. Addie and Deb’s relationship was the glue to the story for me and I loved both character arcs and their development.

The road trip was totally over the top and a little drawn out, which is probably why I preferred the flashback stories more. However, there was a pretty fun twist I wasn’t expecting over halfway through that really added a fun layer to the story.

The storyline took a while to get interesting for me. It was a ton of character building up until that point. But, I do like character-driven novels and the buildup was worth it for me in the end. I wound up feeling super connected to the characters and the storyline and much of the last quarter of the book had me in tears.

There are some serious trigger warnings in this novel (hence my tears) including toxic relationships and alcoholism and one other I won’t mention for fear of spoilers (message me if concerned and I’ll be happy to share!).

Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for a copy of this novel.

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