January 4, 2021

Single and Forced to Mingle

Single and Forced to Mingle

by Melissa Croce

January 5, 2021
by Atria Books

Rating: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre: Humor

A laugh-out-loud, tongue-in-cheek guidebook filled with hilarious and helpful advice—from how to dodge family members’ unwanted questions about babies to successfully creating a fake partner during wedding season—for anyone trying to survive and thrive in the midst of singledom. Perfect for fans of Hey Ladies! and Single State of Mind.

So, you’re single. Whether existing sans partner is a new state of being or you’ve been on this solo journey for a while, the fact of the matter is this: being single is actuallyawesome.

You can do whatever you want, travel wherever you want, and be your truest, most free self. But there are a lot of people out there—your mom, your married best friend, the wedding industry, society—who see things differently. To them, singledom is something to avoid at all cost, no matter how many times you tell them you love your life the way it is. The limit does not exist when it comes to telling Aunt Carol you still don’t want to be set up with her neighbor’s ex-stepson.

Now, Melissa Croce gives you the tips, tricks, and sage advice you need to graciously endure all of the cringe-worthy scenarios your single self may dread, from awkward small talk with an ex to navigating well-meaning but insensitive relatives. And it helps you truly flourish in your singledom, offering activities like quizzes aimed at helping you find a new hobby and tarot spreads for that cozy Saturday night in. Part real-world guide, part commiseration, and part celebration, Single and Forced to Mingle will steer you through the ups and downs of being single, reminding you just how good it feels to be free.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book. I was a little hesitant starting out because Nonfiction Humor can sometimes be redundant and boring. Many people are not as funny as they think they are. However, this book went above and beyond my expectations. It reads like a love letter to single, childless, millennials. As one myself, I picked up on the brand of humor we use to cope. No we are not all tragic but one of the fun things about being a single millennial is adding a dramatic flair to nonsense “social requirements”. I related to about 98% of this book. Everyone is always asking about marriage and babies and all other constructs that the world has placed on single people. This isn’t a book that teaches you how to join society the way people expect you to. It’s simply about loving who you are and where you’re at. I don’t think this book is for everyone. If you don’t fit into the category of single millennial, this book probably isn’t for you. That said, I think everyone needs a book out there that just captures who they are as a person. This book did that for me!

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Melissa Croce, and Atria Books for the this opportunity to read and honestly review this fantastic book!

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