December 25, 2020

In A Holidaze

In A Holidaze

by Christina Lauren

Published October 6, 2020 by Gallery Books

Rating: 4 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre: Holiday | Romance | Romantic Comedy

Maelyn spends every Christmas at a cabin in Park City, Utah with her parents, brother, and their family friends. Each year, the crew does their traditional activities including a snow “creature” contest, a scavenger hunt, and lots of baking, eating, and drinking.

When the festivities get a little out of hand on the last night, Maelyn wakes up horrified to realize she made out with Theo after too much eggnog. Theo is the brother that everyone expects Maelyn to end up with. He’s handsome and charming but also a womanizer and a total player. More than that, Maelyn has never been interested in Theo. For as long as she can remember, she’s been in love with Andrew, Theo’s older (and humbler, quieter, more reserved, kinder) brother. Even worse, Andrew apparently saw Theo and Maelyn make out…. and he doesn’t care.

Maelyn is crushed. Not only has she made things eternally awkward between her and Theo (and ultimately between the two families), she’s now ruined any chance with Andrew. On top of that, the owners of the cabin have decided to sell, confirming that no Christmas will ever be the same.

Devastated and distraught, the whole family is distracted on their way to the airport. So when a truck t-bones them, Maelyn is sure that she and her entire family are dead.

But instead, she wakes up on an airplane. And suddenly it’s December 20th again and the car crash didn’t happen, no one knows the cabin will be sold, and Maelyn never kissed Theo. She has another shot to make things right, but what must she do differently?

Olivia’s Thoughts:
Going home after a disastrous Christmas break Maelyn wishes she could know what would make her happy. That was the beginning of a groundhog-esque Christmas adventure. Reading about Maelyn’s repeated attempts to “get it right” was fun and there were some laugh out loud moments. The romance was pretty rushed and while I realize there were some time constraints (the book takes place during the week of Christmas) it felt too abrupt and out of the blue. But I am a sucker for a happy ending. I love it when my books end with everything wrapped in a tidy bow, so the ending made me happy and I was willing to let some things slide.

Chelsey’s Thoughts:
This was such a fun and cute read. I get a little worried with Groundhogs-day style books (and movies) because I often find them repetitive but Christina Lauren did a great job of a) not sending her back too many times, b) changing up the storyline enough to hold my interest each time, and c) altering the normal pattern of repeating the same day over and over again to add a fresh twist to a classic plot line.

Though it was by no means unpredictable, I really couldn’t flip the pages fast enough and never wanted to put this one down. If you’re looking for a fun holiday read that will bring some laughter, just enough steam, and maybe even a few tears, I definitely recommend In A Holidaze!

Desiree’s Thoughts:
What an adorable book this is! I sat down on a Saturday afternoon before Christmas and read the whole thing in one sitting! A cross between A Christmas Carol and Groundhog Day, this one is sure to keep you smiling!

In a Holidaze is as sweet as a peppermint candy cane and as cozy as a fireplace on a snowy day. You’ll laugh and cheer along with Mae as she struggles to make the right choices – and ultimately to choose to do and to be what makes her happy. I really liked this book and hope you do too!

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